Floodwater & Release

Hello all, I have a quick dev update!

My House Flooded and I lost a month of dev time while sorting out how to get my house back in order. As such, Hisato's release date is being pushed back, but thankfully... Chad has continuing working and there has been a delightful handful updates. Most of the beta testing feedback we got so far confirmed that the mood of the game is working pretty well, but that some of the progression concepts were still a little too fuzzy. So most of the new features are to clarify the game state and progression.

Combat has been updated to help players know what's going on with Hisato and his opponent. There are more helpful text bits added to the story screen to let players know what's happening to Hisato, and what's happening in the village. And hopefully, the hints and feedback we've added will support the main goal of prepping the village for winter and helping the player know how to pursue that in the course of play. 

I'm entering a mini-crunch of dev over the next weeks in order to add some stability features and polish up the game's ending before our final round of testing. After that, it'll be prepping our submission for Steam approval and heading toward RELEASE!

I'll plan on posting again as we get closer to that date. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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