Beta Testing

Hey all!
Hisato no Saku is in beta testing. Lots of bugs are being put on the TODO list. Wanted to give those following a sense of where we are and what's left to do.

While there are a few notable gameplay bugs, most of the remaining issues with Hisato are in the realm of conveyance. Things are working well under the hood, but several of the concepts are a little vague from the player perspective. The central goal of Hisato no Saku is that of storing up food to survive the long winter ahead. We're working making the food production and food storage information more apparent so the player can make choices in line with this goal and have explicit feedback when helpful choices are made.

We're aiming for releasing the game this summer, but pushing back one month from our original goal of June 30 in order to make sure these updates are done well and that all the known bugs get squashed. Thanks for following!

If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Drop you comment below!

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How do I get in on this beta?!

I'll message you :D